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    An established player in the luxury goods industry, Boutique Caprice is a leading multi-brand luxury watch and jewelry retailer in Estonia having exclusive rights to carry Montblanc, Zenith and Gucci watches and H. Stern, Nanis and Montblanc jewelry. Furthermore, We are the authorized dealer for TAG Heuer, RAYMOND WEIL, Tissot and many other world leading brands. Our commitment to bringing the world's best quality jewelry and timepieces to the region, together with our personalized customer service, has built a strong branding to Boutique Caprice as well as a loyal and happy customer base.




    Watch Service and Repair


    We provide an all inclusive watch service and repairs for the watches of all the biggest manufacturers in the industry like Zenith, TAG Heuer, Raymond Weil, Rolex, Omega, Ulyssse Nardin, Breitling, Longines, Hublot and many other world famous brands.


    It is recommended to service a mechanical watch every 3 - 4 years to ensure the longevity of the watch and the mechanism running it. During the service the watch will be deconstructed to clean all the individual details. If necessary, the gaskets and/or other details that are worn out will be exchanged. Lastly, the watches will go through an extensive testing lasting for several days to make sure that the watch is accurate and reliable.




    Corporate Gifts


    It's possible to order all Montblanc leather goods with company logo and the initials of the gift receiver starting from affordable products like keyrings and up to sophisticated large leather goods like travel luggage. That's how you get a truly personalised and memorabe gift!


    Furthermore, per request we can engrave the Montblanc writing instruments within a day. Hence, when you order a Montblanc pen in the morning then you can receive it in the evening with the engraving.


    Lastly, we provide gift packing service for all of our products.


    Please contact us to receive a personalised offer for corporate gifts for your company.

  • Our Brands


    Montblanc has achieved a dominating position on the market for writing instruments, luxury watches and leather goods thanks to its high quality products and rich heritage. Montblanc was created in 1906 as an up-market pen manufacturer and due to high popularity and demand from clients it expanded to the manufacturing of luxury watches and leather goods.

    Montblanc watches are manufactured in the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, in a Swiss town called Le Locle. Le Locle is a small town with a population of just 10 000 people but this is where watchmakers started to manufacture watches already in the beginning of the 17th century and it is still the centre for Swiss watchmaking.


    Montblanc writing instruments need no introduction and everybody who is looking for a high quality writing instrument or a gift for a business partner, friend or lover, can buy Montblanc pen without hesitation. Montblanc pens are one of the most presentable corporate gifts in the world and the undisputable leader on the market for high end pens with 70% market share


    Montblanc leather goods are the accessories for a successful man. Whether it is a travel bag, wallet, pen holder, iPhone and iPad cover or any other Montblanc leather product, the customer can be sure of the craftsmanship of the product.




    Welcome to discover Zenith watches in Estonia, exclusively only in Boutique Caprice!


    Zenith manufacture was founded by 22 year young man Georges-Favre Jacot in Switzerland in Le Locle, 1865. Representing a rare phenomenon in the watch industry, the Manufacture is currently still located in the exact spot where the founder built his first workshop.


    "Zenith, thanks to a change in management, is on a roll and destined to be one of the hottest brands. It is still decidedly high-end and aimed at luxury buyers."


    - Ken Kessler, Wall Street Journal (2011)



    TAG Heuer

    Four watch words: Prestige, performance, avant-garde technology and absolute reliability have characterized luxury watch TAG (Techniques d'Avant Garde) Heuer's philosophy since its founding in 1860. Innovation, prestige, performance & precision are the soul of TAG Heuer. But above all, there is passion. This is what inspires us and what beats at the heart of every TAG Heuer timepiece.


    Excellence, precision and elegance are the exacting standards and impassioned commitments engendering the fabulous TAG Heuer Swiss luxury watch collection.




    The Brand RAYMOND WEIL brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models. This know-how confers RAYMOND WEIL its watchmaking legitimacy.


    Switzerland’s centuries of carefully handed-down watchmaking skills and know-how are harnessed by RAYMOND WEIL and reflected in its choices and developments of materials, components and craftsmen in all the stages of production and assembly, to meet the prerequisites of the "Swiss made" label. The Company is situated in Geneva, home of Switzerland’s most prestigious watchmakers, together with the industry’s topmost expertise in component and materials supply.




    The creative soul of Nanis is a woman and the essence of the jewels she creates is unequivocally feminine. The thousands of facets of femininity are reflected in these jewels: they are daily companions both precious and captivating.


    Nanis jewels are created to be fashion accessories and boast a meticulous attention to details. Natural stones, chiseled gold and diamonds are combined in an extremely distinguishable design to form nature-inspired shapes. The versatility of the woman is summarized in each precious object created also with the use of unusual materials, transformed through innovative and sophisticated techniques.




    H. Stern

    Throughout more than 50 years, H.Stern has solidified its prestigious image in Brazil and abroad. In 1964, while Hans was preparing to cross the Atlantic to expand his business in Europe and the Middle East, Time magazine called him, "the king of diamonds and colored gems, capable of unveiling the personality hidden in every precious stone.". Years later, the brand he created no longer requires formal introductions. H.Stern has become synonymous with beauty and good taste, be it in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Rio, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, or anywhere in the world.



    "At 23, my basic idea was to get Brazil known for its stones, in the same way that France is known for perfumes"



    - Hans Stern, Financial Times (2007)



    Schalins' Wedding Rings

    Wide selection of quality rings gives you a large freedom of choice and flexibility for engagement and wedding, or when choosing a gift for a beloved friend. Schalins' Wedding Rings continue a 65-year-old tradition of Swedish design, Swedish gold and the highest Swedish manufacturing quality. You can try on different rings from the selection and get good advice from experienced goldsmiths/jewellers.




    Tissot, with its signature 'Innovators by Tradition', has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch producer and distributor. The company has always had its home in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in 160 countries.


    The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible.




    Seiko believes that the wristwatch is an intimate accessory. The best watches live in harmony and interact with the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and emotionally satisfying bond.

    Seiko's technological development is focused on the creation of 'emotional technologies.
    Emotional technology creates the interaction between the wearer and the product.




    High fashion. Italian style. Traditional craftsmanship. Global consciousness. Gucci embodies all these characteristics, producing exquisitely crafted luxury goods with a thoroughly modern sensibility.


    Ever since Guccio Gucci founded the house in Florence in 1921, the brand has been a destination for the world’s most discerning men and women. Gucci represents the best of Made in Italy with its inimitable combination of opulence, high artisanry and contemporary glamour. Today, the House’s commitment to excellence continues under the vision of Creative Director Frida Giannini. Every Gucci piece carries with it close to a century’s worth of artisanal quality and unparalleled design.




    MODALO watch winder boxes are exclusive winding boxes for mechanical watches from Germany. MODALO uses only natural wood from New Zealand and real glass in its winding boxes. Watch winder boxes are essential for everybody that owns a mechanical watch as a mechanical watch stops when not wearing it for 2 days. Manually rewinding the watch can affect the mechanism negatively and regular manual rewinding of the watch will result in a need of watch service more often than usual.


    MODALO provides watch winder boxes for 1 to 12 watches. In addition to winding boxes MODALO offers travel boxes for 2-, 4-, and 8 watches.


    Boutique Caprice is the distributor for MODALO products in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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